Nearby attractions make a good addition to your tour.

In this, one of the most ancient parts of the continent, tracks of the great dinosaurs, petrified forests, rare plant species, the greatest meteorite on earth and the oldest desert in the world, all bear witness to time immemorial. Discover the ancient Bushman past etched into the land and the many faces of its people, and the vestiges of colonial times that recall an age of adventure and discovery.

Ohorongo is a point of departure for excursions to the steep cliffs of the Waterberg, Etosha National Park, the Okavango river or the 200 million year old fossil woods near Khorixas  - all within a couple of hour’s drive of the camp.  A three-hour drive to the coast is a magical journey through the Namib, in which the seemingly endless meeting of the blue sky and the red dunes is as one would imagine the beginning of time. And when the silence is finally broken, it is by the inconceivable sound of waves crashing onto the desert sand which has become an ocean shore.